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woke up In waco



Woke up in Waco

by Garrett Ford

Good intentions, bad decisions, low on gas and a high on the weekend. We’ve all ran our gears a little too fast in our 20s; wild & young with rubber bones, chasing things that seem to run a little faster than ourselves. Hill Country crooner, Garrett Ford, describes just that in his single, “Woke up in Waco”. Its the ballad of an alright guy, trying to do right and figure out his life, but just can't quite let go of his beloved Saturday nights. Based on a true story, Ford wrote the song the day Ford loves using names of the various Texas landscapes to connect with listeners.

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It’s about getting punched in the mouth flat-footed and getting back up, it’s about lending a hand to the little man when times are tough. It’s the familiar sound you know all too well, the underdog’s howl as they start the bell. It’s realizing you’re in love in the middle of a day, its helping your neighbor when their skies are grey. Its last calls and pool halls, towards the end of a night, it’s a baby’s cry right before first light. Its the ups and downs, the highs and lows. Trucks and towns, goodbyes and hellos. I’d like to think there will be one thing here, for every ear to find they like to hear. So what’s this about? What’s to see? Well dummy, there’s a debut album coming out, in 2018.