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woke up In waco


“WOKE UP IN WACO” is on its 9th week charted on The Texas music spotify chart!!


Woke up in Waco

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It’s about getting punched in the mouth flat-footed and getting back up, it’s about lending a hand to the little man when times are tough. It’s the familiar sound you know all too well, the underdog’s howl as they start the bell. It’s realizing you’re in love in the middle of a day, its helping your neighbor when their skies are grey. Its last calls and pool halls, towards the end of a night, it’s a baby’s cry and a lullaby towards dawn’s first light. I’d like to think there will be one thing here, for every ear to find they like to hear. So what’s this about? What’s to see? Well dummy, I’ve got an album out in 2018.